Kamden and Boston

Kamden and Boston

Monday, March 10, 2014

Stayin' Alive!

Holy cow, time is flying with two boys.  I feel like Boston is growing too fast and the easiest and sweetest and most enjoyable baby I could ever have imagined and Kam is getting more hilarious and brilliant every day.  In fact, yesterday I was singing the "Let it Go" song from Frozen and Kam stopped playing, looked up at me with raised eyebrows, and said, "That's freaking me out, mom."  OUCH.  Even my 2 year old knows I'm a terrible singer.  
I just wanted to share our comical recent family picture (it was freezing cold, Boss barfed all over his outfit and me right as we were on our way to take the pictures so he had to be changed and I had to wear my smelly shirt, and Kamden refused to take his coat off so we had to pry it off him and he threw a fit for pictures).  

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  1. Cute boys! That is how it goes with family pictures, always, I feel anyway. Sure miss you guys! When you come to Logan call and we need to visit.