Kamden and Boston

Kamden and Boston

Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Sleigh Ride Together With You

Today Brady and Kamden wanted to go sledding in the sparkly new snow, so I drug them around with the 4 wheeler.  We had a lot of fun!  

Thursday, November 8, 2012

To Buy or Not to Buy? That is the Question.

Wow, to say I've been a slacker is an understatement.  I thought I'd have so much time once I could stay home with Kamden, but I still can't figure out how people have time to update their blogs every other day.

Our big news lately is that we are buying a house.  It is in Orem and should be a good place for us.  I'll be able to have a craft room!  I don't love the floor plan and it was built in the 70's, but it has new carpet, tile, paint, appliances, etc so it feels new.  Brady and I have been back on forth about whether we should buy it, I never knew it would be so scary to buy a house.  We really wanted to build, but it just didn't work out.  Next time we will :)

Kamden is a year and a half and says new words each day.  If you see him, ask him what an elephant says.  So cute!

I have been reading a lot of fun books with my sisters and mom.  I just signed up for an account with goodreads.com and it is fun to be able to keep track of all the books I have read and rate them and Jess and Natalie both have an account too so we can compare books to get ideas of what to buy next.  Someday I want a library like the one in Beauty and the Beast...is that asking too much?  I think not.  I'll have to start with a bookcase in my new house, and work up from there.  I actually really do want one of those secret reading nooks like the ones on Pinterest.  If you are looking for a good book to read, go buy Edenbrooke.  It is set in the regency period and is so cute and funny and everyone that I've had read it has loved it.  Kat, thanks for letting me know about it!

I took family pictures of Jess's family on Sunday, and it was really fun.  I can see why people get into photography.  I even edited them in Photoshop after.  I really love Photoshop, if you don't know how to use it, learn!  It is expensive to buy but not so bad if you get the Photoshop Elements (the watered down version).  Most things are still the same.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy Monday!  I wanted to show off my latest project, since I just finished it today.  It is a menu board that I can use to plan meals and grocery lists for the week.  I am excited to use it!    
We had a BBQ with our Logan buddies on Saturday and Brady talked me into letting Kamden try his first s'mores.  Bad idea.  He was covered in mallow, I was covered in mallow.  Thank heaven for wet wipes.  I think we will hold off another year (or five) before giving him s'more s'mores! 
Kam decided the dishwasher doesn't need that annoying bottom rack and ripped it out.  It will be a miracle if the dishwasher door still is attached by the time we move. 
 Brooke, Britlee, Tyson, Bransen, and Kamden just chillin' after dinner at Red Robin in Layton.  I felt funny telling the hostess we would have 6 adults and 5 kids.  We will be outnumbered by little chillins before long!
 Yee Haw!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Class of 2011! Woot Woot!

Brady Herd, you did it!  Brady walked at his engineering graduation ceremony on May 5th.  More graduation pics to follow, but I'm so proud, I had to post these ones I stole from Emily and Kevin's blog.  
 Celebrating with Lacy and Tyler, Kevin, Em and Karlee
The guys that got each other through all the stress, late nights, finals, and rants of Dr. Joe.  
Yesterday, Shay and I went to City Creek Center in downtown SLC and then to Gateway. Kamden came with us and loved being outside.  I gave him a granola bar when we got there and within 10 minutes he was covered in gooey chocolate so we had to buy him a new outfit.  Next time:  No chocolate and I'm bringing a spare outfit :)

You gotta try the apple pie apple at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory if you haven't already!

Last weekend, I went to St. George with Kat, Nat, and Nicole for a last blast party before Naty starts her new adventure in Burlington, Vermont.  We lived it up west side style, and I laughed so much my abs were sore :)  Kat shattered Nat's drink, which cut my toe, then Nat ruined a table, then Nicole spilled on Nat which was Kat's fault for not having leather and I dropped the suckers and the next thing I know, my donkey fell into your waffle hole.(name that movie).  I'm so glad we have stayed so close and am sure we always will (even though I don't have Facebook-sorry girls, I won't cave).
 Mabel Mae and Kamden Brady on a date.  They both love Oreos...it is "density."  
 These are Sweet Tooth Fairy cupcakes: nutella, raspberry lemonade, peanut butter chocolate, red velvet, german chocolate, and cookies and creme...soo good!

Kamden is 1!

Happy First Birthday Kamden!
Kamden had a blast at his bday party and dug into his cake with both hands.  We love him so much and are so lucky to get to have such an amazing little dude to share life with.

 I love using my Cricut :) I got a little carried away with it for his bday decorations.
 Kam, Becca, Sammy, and Brin eating some pizza pizza!

 Meet Baby Jaxton, Kam's little buddy.  The matching outfits weren't planned, by the way :)

Thanks everyone for coming and for my super cool presents!  Love, Kamcakes
Well, it is 7 AM, and I just got back from a run.  Usually Kam and I sleep in a little, but the only time I can run is before Brady leaves, so that is my new plan. Life is great, Brady is enjoying his new job with Epic Engineering and learning a ton, I am loving being mom full-time, although it is definitely harder than working full-time.  I miss my job at Conservice and all my homies there but I actually like being home more than I thought I would.  I miss some things about Logan, like the Griffins and Downs, Old Grist Mill sugar cookies, and being 5 miles away from everywhere I need to go...It seems like running errands in SLC is a whole day adventure.    

We would like to start looking for houses in a month or two, probably in Heber or American Fork, but I'm not even sure we will qualify, so we will see...I feel a little inadequate trying to find a house, but if I could survive college, I can figure this out too.  In the meantime, thanks Grandpa Mike and GMel for letting us live in your dungeon!  Well, it is time to go see if the dude is awake.  Peace Out!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Here are some of my pals! We had a Valentine's Day sleepover and made Ipod Valentines. We also had a pizza picnic and watched Shrek. Tons of fun!
Kam is just like his dad, working on the toys with his tools...although Brady doesn't eat his.
First Spaghetti!
Rockin' my new tie!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Some random pics of us lately...
Celebrating Daddy finishing his civil engineering degree. We are so proud of you Brady!! And we love having you around to play each night, instead of slaving away on campus.

Kam got to be baby Jesus this year at the Herd party.
We love our Coulam and Munky buddies!
Two of my favorite things...Kamden and Krispy Kreme...we went there twice while in Vegas for New Years. I decided I want a Krispy Kreme factory in my mansion in Heaven.
Gpa Mike and GMel with the dude in our hotel for New Years. We fit 7 people in one room...cozy.
Jacob and Shay and Kamden
Racing through the dungeons of Excalibur

A year ago, I would have been stressed out by a mess like this...now I just grab the camera. It really does take a village to raise a child. Cheerios are the new style-everyone is doing it.

I'll trade you two sheep for one wheat...deal?
Kamcakes and Daddy on the CR. Brrrrr, we can't wait for summer.
Kamden and I went on a date together to Mimi's Cafe to see Kat, Nat, and Nicole, and of course, Mae. Kam gave her kisses while we were there. Sorry about the wet spot on her head, Kat.