Kamden and Boston

Kamden and Boston

Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

We spent the Saturday before Easter with all of the Herd.  We had a blast and Kamden chased his cousins all day long.  We are so blessed to have such a fun family!

Check out Kamden's cool Easter basket...and sunglasses!

Grandma Karen was a rockstar and helped Kam and all the other kids color easter eggs.  Kam did all of his orange :)  

Notice what Kam is doing in the picture below...smart kid...

As Kam ran around with his cousins on the treasure hunt, all his eggs kept bouncing out of his basket so we had to follow him and pick them all up.  He had no idea we were on a treasure hunt, he just ran when his cousins did.  

I sure love my two handsome dudes!

Like the dorky bow tie?  Kam got it from nursery, and I couldn't resist having him wear it for Easter.

Kam's first experience rolling Easter eggs...yes real hard boiled eggs...down the hill with his cousins.  This is a longstanding Herd tradition that always ends up with my brother-in-law, Ben, throwing nasty cracked eggs at me.  This year, he got my hair and my armpit.  Revenge will be sweet when I use raw eggs on you next year Benny Boy!

We did this to my mom's truck while they were at church.  Brady was giggling like a schoolgirl.