Kamden and Boston

Kamden and Boston

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Here are some of my pals! We had a Valentine's Day sleepover and made Ipod Valentines. We also had a pizza picnic and watched Shrek. Tons of fun!
Kam is just like his dad, working on the toys with his tools...although Brady doesn't eat his.
First Spaghetti!
Rockin' my new tie!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Some random pics of us lately...
Celebrating Daddy finishing his civil engineering degree. We are so proud of you Brady!! And we love having you around to play each night, instead of slaving away on campus.

Kam got to be baby Jesus this year at the Herd party.
We love our Coulam and Munky buddies!
Two of my favorite things...Kamden and Krispy Kreme...we went there twice while in Vegas for New Years. I decided I want a Krispy Kreme factory in my mansion in Heaven.
Gpa Mike and GMel with the dude in our hotel for New Years. We fit 7 people in one room...cozy.
Jacob and Shay and Kamden
Racing through the dungeons of Excalibur

A year ago, I would have been stressed out by a mess like this...now I just grab the camera. It really does take a village to raise a child. Cheerios are the new style-everyone is doing it.

I'll trade you two sheep for one wheat...deal?
Kamcakes and Daddy on the CR. Brrrrr, we can't wait for summer.
Kamden and I went on a date together to Mimi's Cafe to see Kat, Nat, and Nicole, and of course, Mae. Kam gave her kisses while we were there. Sorry about the wet spot on her head, Kat.
I know it is two months late, but I finally am getting around to posting Christmas pictures ;) Kam took his first steps last night and is only 9 months old and Brady and I were so so excited. He is so fun and makes life a blast!
Kamden's first Christmas!!!!
Kamden did not trust Santa...he didn't cry though. We were all so excited that Santa dropped by on Christmas Eve. He brought Kamden an orange Triceratops named Topsy.
Kamden's pjs had the Dr. Pepper logo on the bottom. We all had soda themed pj's this year.